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Due in 2016

Foals we are expecting.  



Xuxa  FHANA 199943640

Caetano TH      IALHA # 13580  P

        Warlander Due late June 2016

TALL Smoky black colt!  His name is Xcelsior born June 21 2016.  Pictures are at 2 days old.  Xcelsior is for sale!  $10,000 

Click on pictures for larger views Just 2 days old in this batch


Kali     FHH  #1023-2003

Caetano TH      IALHA # 13580  P

                         Warlander Due May 2016

This will be the first Warlander from Kali and Caetano.  For color, 50-50 either buckskin or smokey black.  Quality?  Should be just as fabulous as Kali's last Warlanders!

STUNNING dark/sooty buckskin colt, born May 24 2016 His name is Calixto.  Calixto is for sale, $10,000 

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