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Some of the horses I have sold:   (clicking on the large pictures and descriptions will take you to pages with MANY pictures)



Abacus Carrera


Brown ( will NOT gray)    WARLANDER Mare 2009

Abacus Uno x Mountain Dream Gitana.This "little" girl came a few weeks early, but has been healthy and running around since then!  She is like a little race car...ZOOM, ZOOM!!! (hence the name,) I tested her and found that she will NOT turn gray, she is a dark brown. Carrera is a full sister to Impuesto, the colt that was exported to South Africa , and 1/2 sister to Dulcinea, (below). Cara is eligible for triple registration, with the IALHA (International Andalusian and Lusitano Registry), the International Warlander Registry and the FHH (Friesian Heritage Horse Registry). Cara's registration with the IALHA is completed


         Abacus Flashy Chassis

Bay and White Friesian x Saddlebred gelding 2011


This is a REALLY beautiful boy, I was hoping for the champagne gene from his mom, but other than not getting that, I can't fault him at all! He is also the most gregarious, friendly and curious colt I have had in a long time, what a charmer.
Chassis is eligable for registration with the Friesian Heritage Horse and Georgian Grande registries. He is going to make someone a spectacular mount. 
He will be in the 16.1h+ range when mature.
Even though he has 4 white legs, he has 4 black hooves as he has ermine spots at the coronary band of each hoof. He also has ermine spots on his body! Pretty cool!

Paloma AFA      Caetano x Tizona AFA

2013 Andalusian Mare  IALHA #

Paloma AFA is the first offspring from my stallion Caetano, and boy, did he do GOOD! (bad grammer, I know!)  Paloma has substance, bone, correct srtucture, elegance, athleticism, a great personality as she is brave and bold but sweet as well.  And, she is BEAUTIFUL!  Her dam is my palomino Saphiro daughter Tizona.  Paloma has turned a rich deep caramel palomino color  and will continue to deepen as she matures. Registered with the IALHA as a full Andalusian with both Spanish and Portuguese heritage.

Congratulations to Rebecca Leon on her new lifetime partner!


Abacus Xiva      Saphiro x Kali

Warlander Mare  IALHA # 


Xiva (Shiva) is VERY closly related to my other supurb Buckskin Warlanders...her sire is also the cremello Lusitano stallion Saphiro but her dam is Kali, a full friesian daughter of Xuxa, who is the dam of all of the other buckskin Warlanders I have had.   I think that Xiva will be closer to 16 h when mature.  Very bold and inquisitive.  Priced at $12.500, grab her now, before her price goes up and before someone else grabs her!  Xiva is registered with IALHA, and Friesian Heritage Horse registries and is eligible for International Warlander is micro-chipped and DNA tested.   Born April 26, 2013, 


Susurro AFA


Another beautiful palomino colt from Saphiro and Heredera!  Born April 2010 and is registered with the IALHA.  Sweet and curious, with a BEAUTIFUL face and expression, solid palomino, no white. HUGE mover!  This is one special boy.

Palomino Full Andalusian colt.


Abacus Xanto .... Buckskin Warlander colt 2008


About as perfect as a horse can get...Fabulous color, Fabulous conformation, wonderful personality, Xanto has it ALL!  This guy is amazing, from day one he has been calm, curious,interested in people but not pushy, and "eye-candy" to boot! Xanto (Shan-toe) is everything I could have hoped for in this breeding. He is athletic, BIG, and everyone who has seen him just says, WOW! The crossof the Friesian and Andalusian is quite rare, and one this color and QUALITY! is one of a kind.  Tripple registered, IALHA, Warlander and FHH.


Abacus Xanthus .... Buckskin Warlander colt 2009


Well, Xuxa and Saphiro did it again!  Here is the full brother to Xanto.  TALL boy I expect him to be close to 17h when mature, he moves SO similar to big bother Xanto, the same deep canter, big trot and he is very engaging.  He is spectacular

. Eligible for registration with the Friesian Heritage Horse and Warlander Registries.
Registered with the IALHA # H007371

Abacus Xoan .... Buckskin Warlander colt 2010

Once again, Saphiro and Xuxa have prodused what looks to be a phenominal colt.  Born April 2010, Xoan is an inquisitive and just as striking and correct as his 2 older brothers. Eligible for registration with the Friesian Heritage Horse and Warlander registries. The picture of Xoan is at his new owners in Canada at 3 years old.


Xoan is registered with the IALHA Registry .

 Lourinho AFA


What a sweet boy,and a striking colt, he is going to be someones dream horse.  THICK and long white mane and tail, he is turning darker each year and will probably end up a lovely medium gold color whern mature.
Louro has amazing big bone and lovely large hard hooves.. I think Louro will also be in the 15.2-15.3h range when mature. This one's name should have been Prince Charming :)  Classically baroque and classically Iberian, and loves attention. 
IALHA# 12037 (S/P)

 Isadora AFA


What a personality on Dora!  She is a hoot, very friendly and personable, LOVES to be groomed and fussed over, and she LOVES her treats!   She is a  pretty gold color  with one small white sock on her right hind.   Very athletic, I think she will be close to 16h when mature.  She can spin and turn and dance and does it all easily.
Isadora  is a full sister to Lourinho and Tizona
IALHA # 13256 S/P

Abacus Amadis .... Bay Warlander colt 2011

Abacus Uno x Mountain Dream Gitana.  Amadis is a full brother to Carrera (above) and to Impuesto, the colt that was exported to South Africa.  Amadis is a very elegant and baroque colt with huge floating movement. FUNNY personality and he reminds me SO MUCH of his big brother Impuesto who now lives in South Africa. Amo is eligible for trpple registration, with the IALHA (International Andalusian and Lusitano Registry), the International Warlander Registry and the FHH (Friesian Heritage Horse Registry)  His registration with the IALHA is completed.

Abacus Xiloh       Saphiro x Xuxa

Warlander Mare  IALHA #


Xiloh (Shiloh) is another spectacular crossing of the cremello Lusitano stallion Saphiro and my Friesian dam Xuxa...but this time a FILLY!!  . She already levitates as she moves.  I think that she will be about 16.1h at maturity. Very sweet, soft and elegant, if you have been looking for a female version of her big brothers Xanto, Xanthus, Xoan and Xandon, grab her now, before her price goes up and before someone else grabs her!  Xiloh is registered with IALHA, and Friesian Heritage Horse registries and eligible for International Warlander Registry as well, she has been micro-chipped and DNA tested.


Abacus Xadow        Saphiro x Kali

Buckskin WARLANDER colt,  IALHA and FHH # pending  


Xadow (Shadow) is just amazing!  He is thoughtful, intelligent, sweet and STUNNING!  Oh, did I mention he is BIG as well!  But not coarse or "clunky" at all!  He is quite elegant, and turned 6 months old November 11.  He has now been weaned and is ready to go to his new owners for a LIFETIME of joy.

Mimosa AFA    

Saphiro x Heredera

2011 Andalusian Mare  IALHA # 14792 (S/P)

Price reduced!!  Beautiful caramel colored palomino girl,.  Mimosa is registered with the IALHA as a full andalusian. What a correct girl she is, very agile, very beautiful! This girl is so athletic and truly "catllike" , she should make an AWESOME Working Equitation horse. 

She is currently 15h and a powerhouse, plus she carries herself always in a natural "frame" 


Abacus Calixto  

Caetano TH x Kali (FHANA)

2016 Warlander colt  IALHA  Pending

DOB 5/24/2016 


Calixto is a superb example of everything a Warlander should be!  He has huge bone (but isn't coarse), large, strong hooves, a massive chest already, beautiful angulation, and stunning movement. Short, strong back, lovely shoulder, great angles! What a powerhouse this boy is!  To top it off, his color is very unique, a dark , sooty buckskin (DNA verified)  Calixto is a confident and curious boy as well.  One of the last 2 Warlanders as I am retiring from breeding, so act quickly if you have been wanting one.  Eligible for registry with FHH (Friesian Heritage Horse) and IWR (International Warlander Registry) as well.  He has already been DNA parentage verified and microchipped.

Lyra AFA       

Caetano TH x Tizona AFA

2015 Andalusian Filly  IALHA # 17902 (S/P)


3rd Palomino filly from this breeding, Lyra is full sister to Paloma, and Jacynthe.  Lyra is a cutie, and a sweetie! SUPER smart.  Born in my arms July 3 2015.  LOVES attention, with a bit of "sass".  Excellent conformation, lovely, lofty movement, this girl is another special one.

Jacynthe AFA     

Caetano TH x Tizona AFA

2014 Andalusian Filly  IALHA # 17448 (S/P)


Holy Moly is this girl a STUNNER!!!  I LOVE last years full sister Paloma and it was a no brainer to try this combo again, I didn't think I could get something more exquisite, but I DID!  Classic head, beautiful expression, perfect conformation with long, straight legs.  Amazing neck with a lovely throatlatch, plus this girl has a friendly demeanor, she is intense in wanting to work and to bond with someone!  Super intelligent. Solid palomino with no white markings. I think Jacynthe will be a clear,, dark gold like her big sister Paloma.  Born 5/29/14

Castaneta AFA   Lourinho AFA x Dulcinea AFA

2013 Andalusian Mare  IALHA # 

 Castaneta is as cute as a BUG!  She is a buckskin from a Palomino sire and a graying bay dam, but Cassie did NOT get the gray gene from mom, so will not turn gray.  She has so much fluffy mane right now she looks like a pony!  Cassie also has a strong dorsal stripe.  What a sweet girl., with the most beautiful face, huge eyes and teeny ears   I think that Cassie will be on the smaller size, maybe 15h at maturity. This is a PRETTY and sweet girl, with flowy movement.  ADORABLE!!!!

Azafran AFA        

Saphiro x Heredera

2013 Andalusian Mare  IALHA #16062 (S/P)

This is Azafran (Saffron) She is ANOTHER beautiful palomino from my bay mare Heredera and the Lusitano stallion Saphiro. Azafran has a small white star and a white rear left sock. She is elegant and ballerina like in her movement, She should be in the 15.3-16h range when finished. Azafran has shed out to be a VERY dark gold color, stunning! Azafran is registered with the IALHA. This is a LOVELY girl, plus she is sweet bold and curious..great to work with!


Tizona AFA   Andalusian Mare  IALHA #   11268 (S/P)

 ​Saphiro x Heredera

  Tizona (Tizzy) is a stunning girl. Very very "round", very POWERFUL! She is a lovely palomino color with dapples. and with no other markings. She is a dream to handle, very willing, easy and extremely personable. Wants to be someones best friend! Tizzy should be an exceptional partner for someone! She has matured to 15.3h and is a very "flashy" girl with quite a bit of mane and tail too. Tizzy is very expressive, and she "talks" with her front feet. Very Athletic! Palomino is a fairly rare color in Andalusians, and color is just the frosting on the cake for this girl. Tizzy has had 4 previous foals, a palomino colt by Amuleto Vo , and THREE beautifully palomino fillies by  Caetano . 2015 filly shown in picture does NOT come with Tizzy.

Jado AFA    Calabaza Travesia R x Sonhador CD

2014 Andalusian colt IALHA # pending  


Beautiful Jado!  What a sweetie, and boy, he has "hang time"  WOWSER! Effortless movement, great expression with a white snip and star.   He also has a lot of knee and hock action.  One really nice boy, he should be in the 16h range at maturity.  

Joia AFA         

Saphiro x Heredera

2014 Andalusian Filly  IALHA #17447 (S/P)


Can you believe it?  Joia makes SEVEN palomino foals in a row from Saphiro and Heredera!  Joia is almost a carbon copy to her year older full sister Azafran, down to the white sock on the left year foot and the small white star.  Joia is a LOVELY filly, again, very correct and very flashy mover. Born June 13 2014.  Joia is a really nice mover, good personality and intelligent, she learns really quickly. 

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