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Abacus Farms

Breeding the Finest Friesian Sporthorses, Warlanders and Andalusians,  in color!

Abacus Farms and owner Holly Zech have been breeding Friesian Sporthorses, Warlanders (Friesian x Andalusians) and Andalusians since 1998.  

I have retired from breeding and have sold the farm. Thank you to ALL of my AMAZING clients over the years, I SO APPRECIATE you all!


I specialize in breeding youngsters with correct conformation, type, personality and ability for the sport horse market. I normally have a selection of young, unstarted horses available for sale, many of them in the highly desired dilute colors of buckskin, palomino and even double dilute.


Located in the Sacramento California area.

Email address is,   If you e-mail me I do respond within 12 hours, so if you haven't gotten a response please check your spam folder!



Holly Zech
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